Alleviate skin and scalp conditions with Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a species of succulent plant in the Aloe genus. It is an evergreen perennial that is native to the Arabian Peninsula however it thrives untamed in dry, subtropical, and tropical environments all over the world, often regarded as an invasive species. Used for thousands of years as a traditional topical remedy, nowadays Aloe is also grown for commercial purposes and comes in more than 450 different species. In traditional Indian medicine, Aloe vera is used as a natural treatment for colic, infections, worm infestations, and skin disorders.

Aloe vera is a water-rich succulent with thick, luscious pulps that is a nutritious source of hydration and sustenance. Approved by Health Canada as a natural laxative, it may help with inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, hepatitis, and other conditions. It is also eaten and used in drinks. It could also be beneficial in a variety of ways because of its anti-inflammatory properties and moisturizing effects and it is known to nourish and strengthen hair. But most of all it is considered a “wonder plant” for your skin; it is now among the most popular types of topical skin treatments for inflammation and dryness and to aid with many skin problems like wounds, acne, and burns.

9 Amazing Aloe Vera Benefits for Skin and Hair:

  1. Slows sign of skin ageing
  2. Evens skin tone
  3. Soothes dry skin
  4. Alleviates acne and heals acne scars
  5. Reduces unwanted tan lines
  6. Defends against hair loss and
  7. Eliminates dandruff
  8. Promotes hair health
  9. Calms frizzy hair

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