Why are liquid supplements superior?

Dietary supplements can come in many forms, including tablets, capsules, powders, and liquids. When deciding which form works best for you, consider the benefits of liquid.

Liquid supplements are easy to swallow and can be added to other beverages to make them more appealing to the taste buds. Liquid supplements won’t get caught in the throat and block airwaves unlike tablets, capsules or pills. Liquids are also easier to administer to children or those with jaw pain or problems swallowing. Liquid supplements won’t pose a choking hazard either.

Liquid supplements are considered more effective than other forms due to the way the body absorbs the benefits of the supplement. Liquids don’t need to be broken down by the body; therefore their bioavailability is higher. This makes liquids more available for absorption, allowing more of the benefits to be absorbed into the system and at a faster rate. Consider this: the human body only utilizes between 40% to 53% of pills, capsules or tablets, compared to over 90% utilization with liquids.

Speed is also a factor to consider. Not only is the absorption rate for liquid supplements higher and more effective than for other forms, but it is also faster. Liquid supplements do not have an outer shell or casing that requires the body to break down, so the benefits of the supplement flow into your body much faster. Liquid supplements get the upper hand when it comes to how fast the digestive system absorbs the benefits. If faster absorption is important to you, liquid supplements are the way to go.

Liquid supplements also benefit your wallet! With the higher bioavailability of liquid supplements you actually get a bigger bang for your buck. These days every dollar counts; make sure you get the maximum benefit from your supplement by opting for liquids. With that said… check out Akuna’s premium liquid supplements and natural health products, and consider adding them to your daily regimen.

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